Answers to some of the questions you may have.

1/ What are the advantages of a French Residency Permit ?

If you have a French Residency permit, you may enter and leave the Schengen area without visa. You may go back and forth freely in most European countries,except England. You have the same rights as a French citizen, except the right to vote. You will also benefit from the best health and education system.

2/ How long does it take to obtain the Residency Permit ?

The allocation of a Residency permit depends on the French Consulate in China. It takes approximately 3 months from the date your completed file is submitted. We will help you with the procedure.

3/ What happens if I do not obtain my Residency Permit ?

The acquisition is contingent to obtaining the Residency permit. If you do not obtain the Residency Card, the contract will be annulled. The money held on a third party account will therefore not be paid to RGV Groupe and you will recuperate your advance. You are then free of your commitments.

4/ Who will handle the administrative procedures to obtain the Residency Card ?

We will help you with these procedures via our subsidiary CITRIM.

5/ For how many years is the Residency Card valid ? Valid for our children ? our parents ?

The Residency Permit is valid for a period of 3 years. Your spouse and your children will also benefit from this Residency Permit and its advantages, but not your parents. You may ask for renewal of the permit when it expires.

6/ Can my children attend school in France ?

Of course. Your children may attend French schools and are considered like the French children.

7/ Is the Residency Permit conditional upon age or school level ?

To request a Residency Permit, you must be over 18 years old. No particular school level is required.

8/ Must I remain in France for a certain period of time to renew of my Residency Permit ?

No, you are not obliged to reside in France. Your only obligation is to maintain your financial investment and to promote our Parnay site.

9/ May I come to enjoy my investment whenever I wish ?

Yes, you may come to your private villa whenever you wish.

10/ How long does the ownership last ?

You are owner for life. There is no time limit.

11/ May I resale my investment ?

Yes, you may resale your investment at any time. However, after the sale of your assets, you can no longer renew your Residence Permit.

12/ For how many years will the return on investment be guaranteed?

Your return on investment is guaranteed for 9 years. Your commercial lease contract offers this protection and guarantee under French law.

13/ How do you guarantee the profitability?

You will sign a contract under French law (Commercial Lease) established with RGV Groupe which offers you the protection and guarantee that you will receive a rent each year.

14/ Can I increase the profitability of my investment ?

Yes. If you do not use or rarely use your private villa, we can rent it on your behalf which would provide you with additional income. We handle all logistic aspects such as reservation, welcoming, surveillance, cleaning…

15/ What happens if the hotel requires repairs ? and on the private residence ?

These repairs are at the expense of the manager, that is RGV Groupe and its subsidiary.
Repairs on the private residence are at the charge of the owner. However, should you wish,
RGV Groupe may evaluate the needs, have the repairs done and control these on your behalf.

16/ Is this investment safe ?

RGV Groupe has a 30-year experience in construction, real estate and property management. The Group has already achieved several major projects successfully.
As an additional guarantee, via its hotel subsidiary, RGV Groupe will remain manager of the overall site : visitors’ site, hotel and restaurants, spa, residences…
Lastly, for this particular project, renowned Deloitte Consulting Firm has carried out three market research studies and the results concluded that it is indeed a very attractive and profitable project.

17/ Who will manage the Parnay Resort ?

RGV GROUPE, via one of its subsidiaries, will manage the Parnay Resort. RGV Groupe has all necessary skills and expertise in property management in hotels and other tourism-related infrastructures.

18/ May I leave my yearly wine donation at the Château ?

Yes, we can manage your cellar on your behalf. And should you wish to add more wines to your cellar, as a complementary service, and with your prior approval, we can also suggest and purchase wines on your behalf.
If you wish, we can also arrange on your behalf, shipment of your wine bottles to your home in China.

19/ Other than the property, what are my privileges as an investor ?

Following a complete training program, you benefit from a privileged status as an Ambassador of Château de Parnay. This grants you a number of advantages which you will find in the section entitled “Ambassadors’ Club” on this website.


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